Get Backlinks with Bleeko!

With Yahoo Site Explorer Dying off, a major method for using competitor research to mine backlinks has also died. But Blekko looks to grab the spotlight in the world of SEO. Simply type in the URL of a website and the slashtag /seo and a world of knowledge and opportuninty opens. Follow my steps as I shouw you how to use Blekko to research competitor backlinks to find link sources for a client I am working with.

1) Identify a few competitors. Well in my case the client had 2 competitors that constanly beat them out in the search results. One site is very similar in size but their backlinks portfolio is much better in that they have links form very authoritative websites in their niche. But you can always use a Google search for your target keywords to identify who are your primary competitors. But a good piece of advice is to pick a competitor that is similar in size. Running a back link check on Amazon or Ebay won’t turn up any good link opportunities, but checking up on the local business across town that seems to dominate your area might give you some ideas.

2) Go to and paste the website address followed by a space then the slashtag for SEO “/seo” and the results show a ton of seo information on thay website Blekko has collected.

blekko  seo slash tag

3) We are interested in link research so there are 2 places where you can click on to see that infromation.  See below.

blekko competitor links

4) Here we see a list of the various URLs by strength that are linking to our competition. And there are some really high profile website like the Washington Post and Frommers linking to Scantours. Blekko also assigns a Host Rank figure which is similar to Page Rank or Alexa. It ranks a website according to overall power or authority.

list of competitor links

5) Now the fun part. How do we figure out where and how our competition got such a good link? Well Google has specail search operators that let us use very specific search strings. For this exercise we will use the site: search operation. This lets us search within a specific website only. So we know we want to search only the website.  So that special search operation string is  Next we know we want to look for the business scantours. So we simply add that prior to the special search operator.


this tells google to look for the words scantours on the website

special google search operator washington post

6) We Click the first result an there you go! The washington post did a travel write up and one of the featured companies was scantours.  And hey happy day…there is an email address to send my clients special offers. With a little luck and hard work maybe we will get featured and get a wonderful backlink from the Washington Post.

washington post link

7) Next we want to see how Scantours got a link at Frommers. So we use the special Google search to look for scantours on Frommers. This time I used www infront of scantours because I wanted to see where the links came from.  So here is the special search I typed into Google:


So we are telling Google to show us the results for www.scantours on the frommers website.

special google search operator frommers

8 ) So Scantours has links from Frommers in their Forums. Below we see a forum post with a link to Scantours.  So my client should become a member at the Frommers Forums and start participating and Dropping Links.

frommers forums

In conclusion with the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer, Blekko has really stepped up their game and become one of the free, leading sources for competitor backlink analysis. Using their results and a Special Google Search Operation we can see how and where our competition got their links

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